Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

This 2018 Bible Study is currently closed.  A new program will be scheduled for 2019 in the spring. Watch the Bulletin and website for more information.

The Prophets - Comments from participants in 2017


Jan: The messages from the prophets are as relevant in our world now as they were back then.  It is important

  that we truly appreciate their words in our hearts and minds and center our focus on God’s will – not on all

  the worldly things we think are important in our lives. Yes, It has been an amazing journey through the Bible.

  It brings a whole new understanding of each book as God’s message of love for us is repeated in so man


Linda: (1) It is amazing to see the faith of the prophets- their foreshadowing of the Messiah and their steadfast

  work to share this with the people of Israel.  Inspiring! (2) God has called me even deeper by revealing

  Himself through all the prophets we studied.  He showed me that He has been there through the ages, and is

  here today calling me to learn of Him and to glorify Him. (3) I definitely saw a merciful God in this study. No

  matter how many times Israel looked away, God never ever left them and called them back again and again.

  It gives me great hope for our world today, that even through things look crazy and bleak, He is right with the

  world and will never leave us.  (4) I did not know how all encompassing was their faith in salvation through

  the Messiah, and how powerfully God reached down into each of their hearts to give them the gifts of faith in

  Him.  The visions and communications they had with God were amazing, sometimes alarming, but always

  inspirational and loving, compassionate and merciful.  And Jesus was always there!  (5) Always! My faith

  journey has been so enriched by studying scripture.  I can’t imagine my relationship with Jesus would be

  as close without it.   I am so glad we did this study. 

A Biblical Walk Through the Mass - Comments from participants in 2016


Sue: I found it very interesting that Jesus chose the feast of the Passover at the Last Supper to share his body

    and blood.  Reading the early biblical passages that refer to the Messiah as the Lamb of God connected the

    dots for me.#1 I gained a better appreciation of being able now to connect the biblical background to the

    Mass. #2  As the Passover is re-lived each year by the Jewish people, I understand now how Christ’s sacrifice

    is  a true re-presentation each time at the Mass.  I found Dr. Sri’s book, The Mass particularly insightful and

    engaging as he connected the Old & New Testaments.  After providing several opportunities to read verses

    he then asks us to assimilate the ideas and draw our conclusions in the “Thinking About It” questions.  These

    questions make us think!  This book is a keeper!


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