Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Rockville Council, Our Lady of Fatima, #4122, received its charter in 1955.  Membership consists of men from Saint Bernard’s, and Saint Joseph’s parishes, as well as the surrounding communities. The Knights’ objectives are to provide fellowship among members; to aid the cause of religion; to perform charitable, educational, and patriotic works for the benefit of their fellowmen and their nation; and to provide a system of fraternal insurance to care for members and their families.

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Lee Maloon


Chaplain:        Father Richard Ricard
Grand Knight:               Brian Motola            
Deputy Grand Knight:   Tom Stauffer
Chancellor:                  John Tignonsini
Financial Secretary:    Jeff Bachiochi    
Treasurer:                     Tim O'Brien
Recorder:                      Al Pouliot
Advocate:                      Scott Flood
Warden:                        George Smith
Inside Guard:                Clay Rocker
Outside Guard:             Robert Marquis
Lector:                           Mike Alezza


1st Year                        Alan Fradette

2nd Year                      John Martin

3rd Year                       Joseph Marsala