Parish Leadership

                     Fr. Jeffery Ellis, Becky Maresh, Brian Kenny, Joe King, Mike DuGuay
                       Dcn. Mike Berstene, Mary Conway, Fr. Rick Ricard, Karen Daigle

Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory and consultative body for the Pastor.  Its purpose is to promte community, to be a sign and witness of unity, and to assist the pastor in pastoral planning.  The council performs its function of pastoral planning by listening to the parish community and formulating broad priorities, goals and policies which articulate and foster the mission of the parish.  

The current Pastoral Council members are Mike Duguay, Becky Maresh, Joe King, Brian Kenny, Mary Conway, Karen Daigle, and John Armstrong.                    

-From “Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils”, Diocese of Norwich

The Pastoral Council welcomes your comments and input. 


St. Bernard Pastoral Council Report to the Parish:

Father Rick was selected by Bishop Cote, along with a small group of other Pastors in the Norwich Diocese, to attend a weekly course titled:”Good Leaders, Good Shepherds”. 

The purpose of this course was for Pastors to learn a new long-term process for leading their parishes in today’s world.  The “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds” program is based on re-visioning and re-chartering existing parish structures.  In January, Father Rick re-chartered the Pastoral Council to learn this new process and address the current and future needs of our parish.  The first step in this process was for us to develop our purpose.  The Pastoral Council’s purpose is to provide the environment and opportunity for all parishioners to use their time and talent in building-up a Christ-centered, supportive, and compassionate, Catholic community.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Father Rick’s leadership, The Pastoral Council began learning how to use this new and rigorous process by identifying the current strengths and challenges of our parish.

The following is a brief outline of our strengths and challenges followed by the four major areas of parish life we will address in the coming year:  

Finance Council

Every Catholic Parish is required by Canon Law to have a finance council.  The St. Bernard Finance Council assists the Pastor in the preparation of annual budgets, recommends major expenditures, monitors the parish finances, prepares financial reports and generally looks after the financial well-being of the parish.   Our parish also has a cemetery and the Finance Council is responsible for its operating budget and maintenance of the cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund. 

For additional information contact:

Bob Harvey