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Posted on October 22, 2017 in: Message from Fr. Rick

Dear Parish Family,

October finds us in the beautiful season of fall.  Before our very eyes, we see our world beautifully transformed into a new season.  We witness fall’s brilliant colors, cool temperatures, pumpkins, apple cider and the little ones all dressed up in their favorite costumes parading through our neighborhood. 

October is also a transformative month for our parish family as we welcome our brothers and sisters from Sacred Heart Parish who will sadly celebrate their last Mass on October 15th.   This has been a very trying time for them and I know they appreciate the prayers we’ve been offering for them.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be with their community as I concelebrated Mass with Fr. Stan and preached at each of their weekend Masses. In the homily, I assured them that they would be most welcome at either of our two parishes. I also wish to thank my pastoral council members who accompanied me to Sacred Heart on two different occasions – they were wonderful ambassadors.  

To better understand who we are as a community, our parish bulletins are being sent to Sacred Heart Parish each week.  A letter was also sent to each of the households conveying our desire to make them feel right at home at either parish. 

On the weekend of October 22nd we will be having welcome liturgies at each of the Masses at St. Bernard – which is the official receiving parish and the Church where Sacred Heart’s sacramental records and other important paperwork will be stored.  On November 19th, Bishop Cote will preside at the 10:00 am Mass at St. Bernard to welcome our new brothers and sisters into their new home.

In advance I wish to thank you for your prayers, and the warm welcome I know that you will offer our brothers and sisters in Christ.  God bless you. 

Fr. Rick

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