Join us this Monday-June 4th at St. Bernard Church as the Catholic Community of St. Bernard & St. Matthew Church will begin nine days of prayer for all those impacted by cancer. We gather together at a prayer service on the first and ninth day and a booklet with scripture readings and reflections will be provided for the nine days of prayer.

Who is St. Peregrine? St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients. God gave us St. Peregrine as a prayer partner and inspiration for all touched by cancer. St. Peregrine knew firsthand the pain of cancer, the joy of a miracle cure, and he was transformed by his cancer experience to a life of service in union with Christ crucified.

Through our prayers we seek to unite all our suffering to Jesus, who is the source of healing, comfort, and strength.  Prayer requests may be added to a book in both Churches.  The intention book is located near the elevator entrance at St. Bernard Church and near the main entrance at St. Matthew Church.

If you have any questions about this liturgy or if you are unable to attend the first night of the novena but would like to pray it at home please contact Mary Scibelli at 860-798-7529.

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