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Posted on November 18, 2018 in: Message from Fr. Rick

Dear Parish Family,

Don’t you just love Thanksgiving?  It’s one of the few holidays that the secular media and retail moguls seem to generally ignore.  In other words, they haven’t ruined it!   I think what I enjoy most about the holiday is that it is focused on families gathering around a table to share a meal.  Too often with our overly scheduled days we forget the importance of a shared meal.   I also love that it is a secular holiday that continues to invite God to the table and is a day centered on giving instead of taking.  And finally, it is a gathering that reminds us of the importance of those very powerful words - Thank You. 

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for everything you do for our community.  I am truly grateful that we have such an amazing blended family that’s on a journey to bring His truth, love and compassion to the world.  In today’s society, we need strong, faith filled, and vibrant parishes to be the light of Christ’s presence.  Recently, one of our Pastoral Council members gave me this excerpt from a writing from Pope St. John Paul II.  I think it describes what our parish family is working on achieving.

“Many people today are disoriented and lost in search of genuine fellowship. Often their lives are either too superficial or shattered by brokenness. Their work often is dehumanizing. They long for an experience of genuine encounter with others, for true fellowship. Well, is this not precisely the vocation of a parish? Are we not called to be a warm, brotherly family together? Are we not people united together in the household of God through our common life? Your parish is not mainly a structure, a geographical area or a building. The parish is first and foremost a community of the faithful. This is the task of a parish today: to be a community, to rediscover its identity as a community. You are not a Christian all by yourself. To be a Christian means to believe and to live one's faith together with others. For we are all members of the body of Christ.... For fellowship to grow, the priest's role is not enough, even though he plays an essential role. The commitment of all parishioners is needed. Each of their contributions is vital.” - Pope John Paul II from Draw Near to God

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Fr. Rick


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