Parish Safety Committee

Posted on March 05, 2019 in: General News

We are happy to announce that a safety committee has been formed to support The Catholic Community of St. Bernard and St. Matthew.  This committee is charged with enhancing the safety and security of our parishioners and visitors on both campuses through proactively planning and preparing for emergency situations that could occur.  Over the next few months committee members will be conducting safety and security assessments of our Churches and making recommendations for enhancements or additions to supplies, equipment and training that could be helpful in the event of an emergency.  The committee is comprised of members from both St. Bernard and St. Matthew parishes with diverse backgrounds in safety, security, group dynamics and building familiarity.

Part of the safety and security assessments is a resource inventory.  The most valuable resources available to our parish during an emergency are parishioners who are willing and able to help.  We know that our parishes are filled with “helpers” and would like to get a better sense of who may be willing and able to help out if needed during Mass.  If you have an occupation or specific training that would be helpful to the parish during a medical, safety or security emergency and are willing to be called upon if needed, we would like to know.  Please email or call the office at 860-875-0753 .  

Please watch for news from the safety committee as changes are made and plans are put in place to enhance the safety and security of our Churches.  We will keep you informed, periodically ask for feedback and input, and will provide learning opportunities in topics such as first aid, CPR and building evacuation.  The committee thanks you for your support and looks forward to working together to enhance the safety and security of our Churches.


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