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Posted on August 18, 2019 in: Message from Fr. Rick

Dear Blessed Sacrament Parish Family,

It seems to me that while we were shoveling and plowing the heavy snows of winter– time seemed to dragggggg by.  Summer, on the other hand, with its warm temperatures and sunny skies – is flying by!  What happened to July?  Perhaps it’s best to simply embrace it as part of the charm of living in New England. 

Along with the seasonal changes, I hope your spiritual life is transforming into an even deeper relationship with Christ.  One of the dangers of the beautiful season of summer is that it can draw people away from their routine of Mass and prayer.   Warm temperatures, beckoning beaches, and the wafting smells of backyard barbeques entice us into a lackadaisical attitude towards our commitment to the Lord.   Such beauty and enjoyment, instead of distancing us from God, should inspire us to pursue a greater relationship with the One who gave us the beauty of summer and the wonderful people with whom we share it.  Blessed John XXIII when asked about his spiritual life was quoted as saying: “My spiritual life can never go on vacation!”  and “Every month, every day belongs to the Lord.  That is why they are all equally beautiful.”  Walking with the Lord is always a privilege.  Let’s all do our best to recommit our lives and love to the Lord.

If you find yourself away on vacation this month and need to find the nearest Catholic Church and its Mass times, you can go to and find the information you need.

Have a great August everyone. 

With peace,

Fr. Rick

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